Until Death Marriage 5k Mud Run Will Be Held Oct. 13

Nelson Diaz (second from right) is organizing the Marriage Mud Run.

On Saturday, October 13, the Until Death 5k Marriage Mud Run will be held in Zarephath, NJ, the Somerset County headquarters of Pillar of Fire (Star 99.1, Somerset Christian College). The event, a fundraiser for the New Jersey Family Policy Council, is presented by Nelson “Runaway” Diaz and his Eternal Freedom Entertainment Company. Diaz, a hip-hop artist who has ministered at various outreaches in the Metro New York area, wanted to organize an event that would support biblical marriage between a man and a woman. The theme was a natural considering the words couples speak on their wedding day.

“We make our wedding vows before God and man until death,” said Diaz.

The Tri-State Voice recently interviewed Diaz about the Marriage Mud Run:

 TSV: How did the Until Death Mud Run originate?

NELSON DIAZ: The Until Death 5k Mud Run originated from our desire to produce a unique event that reflects our beliefs. I have participated in mud runs with Team Believe as a way to raise funds for Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand and other worthy causes. I feel like God has allowed me to be a part of those experiences so we could create this one. Pastor Rob Cruver, of Zarephath Christian Church, and I discussed the vision and shortly thereafter, he and Pillar of Fire allowed us use of their location.

TSV: Why do you feel it’s important to host an event like this?

ND: There are very few family friendly events and even fewer that reinforce biblical values, so it was important for me to create an event like Until Death.

TSV: Why a mud run?

ND: It is becoming clear that protecting, preserving, and promoting biblical marriage has gotten pretty muddy here in the Garden State; so the Until Death 5k seems very appropriate.

TSV: What is different about a mud run compared to a traditional 5K?

ND: A mud run course, unlike a traditional 5k, is designed to take you through scenic routes that have an occasional obstacle and the possibility of a muddy path to walk or run through.

TSV: What if someone never competed in a mud run?

ND: If you have never participated in a mud run, Until Death will be a great one to start with. The race is not just for married people, but is open to singles and is designed for various athletic abilities for ages 13 and up. Spectators are also welcome.

TSV: Why is the New Jersey Family Policy Council an important organization and how does it relate to the theme?

ND: Supporting the New Jersey Family Policy Council is important to us because of the work the organization does keeping us informed on how our elected officials are dealing with issues that affect marriages and families in our state. The NJFPC is in the trenches in Trenton, defending biblical marriage with the love of Christ. It is an honor to provide this family event with a built in fundraiser for NJFPC.

TSV: Why is traditional (biblical) marriage important to society?

ND: Biblical Marriage is the Creator-defined building block of society; without it, His creations will lead our children further from Him.

TSV: In addition watching the mud run, what activities are planned for spectators?

ND: Kids ages six and under are free to attend as spectators ($10 for others) and just in case watching mom and dad traversing 3.1 miles while listening to wholesome music is not entertaining enough, we will have inflatables, a rock wall, a dunk tank, and other fun activities for them to enjoy.

TSV: What scripture comes to mind when you think of this event? Why?

ND: The two scriptures that come to mind when I think of Until Death 5k are Ecclesiastes 4:12 (“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken”) because a marriage with God in the center will endure until death; and John 13:1-17 which reminds us forgetful men that this will be a great opportunity to wash our wives feet :) .

For registration and sponsorship information and all event details, visit www.untildeath5k.com.


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