NYC Metro Roundtable

Confronting a Crisis of Christology: David Bryant and Pillar College Develop Unique ‘Christ Alive’ Course

  For the past 40 years, David Bryant has been defined as a “messenger of hope” and a “Christ proclaimer” to the Church throughout the world. The New Jersey resident has written numerous…


Joysongs 2016 Conference & the Power of Worship

What is the simplest but most profound way I can describe the role of a worship leader? As a worship leader for many years, my goal is to take the hand of the people, put it in the hand of God, and then humbly step out of the way.


Resurrection Power

It was one of the most difficult times in her life. She had lost everything. Her husband had already died and now her son, her only son—a mere young man—was dead also. We…


2014: The Year to Persevere

For over two two decades, pastors and leaders from the Metro New York area have gathered each January at the Tuscarora Inn and Conference Center in Pennsylvania. They come from cities and boroughs…


Rev. Lloyd Pulley Reflects on ‘The Man Behind the Jesus Movement’

Quietly, in his sleep, on October 3, Pastor Chuck Smith succumbed to the lung cancer he had been battling for the past two years. Pastor Chuck, who is considered the father of the…


Standing in the Gap with One Another: Time for Men to Unite

In Hemmingway’s classic, The Old Man and the Sea, the protagonist has one major lament as he tries to reel in the fish of a lifetime. With the battle raging over several days…


Relief Bus President Juan Galloway: ‘Wooing The Poor’

Most of us have heard of wooing a man or a woman, but wooing the poor? Beggars can’t be choosers, right? Shouldn’t needy people just be grateful for any help they can get?…


Hurricane Sandy and the Return of Christ

Hurricane Sandy was described as a “perfect storm”—unlike any other in our region. Sandy broke records in terms of its air pressure, size, intensity, and damaging effects. It left millions without power, thousands…


‘Forgetting What Is Behind, I Press On’…”

As each new day, month, and year unfolds, what is the central theme written in the  book of our lives? What will our friends, neighbors, workmates, schoolmates, and our brethren say about us…


FUEL Is More than a Conference; It’s a Movement

Have you ever been to an event that was so good, you didn’t want to leave? We’ve all had those experiences, whether attending a concert of your favorite band, a playoff game of…

By Juan Galloway, president of The Relief Bus

Rockn’ Love at Rockn’ Joes

Every week I go to read, answer e-mails, drink strong coffee, and write blog articles at my favorite coffee place, Rockn’ Joes. This place is cozy, plays good rock n’ roll on the…


The Harbinger: 9/11 Was a Warning to the United States

With the urgency and fervency he uses to blow the shofar as the pastor of a messianic congregation, Jonathan Cahn has released a book that is a prophetic warning to America. Cahn’s first…


Condemning the Condemned

Election Year – can’t you just hear those politically testosteroned muscles ripping through the debates? And isn’t it invigorating to join in the fray of championing our causes, bolstered by huge doses of…

Bishop Donald Hilliard

A Response to The Killing of Trayvon Martin: ‘In The Name of Human Decency, We Must Stand’

The detail surrounding the tragic and grievous murder of Trayvon Martin lends credence to the thought that the lives of African American men are undervalued in this nation. I heard one commentator say…


Churches Mobilize for Scripture Study, Prayer, Service

There is a certain sense of urgency that must accompany praying that touches heaven and moves earth. Effective intercessors are those who operate from the context of desperation and expectation. Throughout his letters,…


New York City Churches Fight for the Right to Worship

Faced with eviction from the public schools they rent for worship services, approximately 68 churches—along with a growing number of fellow believers and pastors—are fighting New York City’s landmark decision on every front….