Rob Skead Meets Dr. Seuss

More than 15-years ago, on a boring Saturday afternoon, I asked myself, “How would Dr. Seuss handle a parable?” Then some Divine inspiration hit me and I wrote a story, which was later…

Ted Baehr’s Review of ‘The Avengers’

Right to Worship Prayer March and Concert, Sunday, April 22 in New York City

Moments That Impact – David Ireland

NYC Pastor Dimas Salaberrios Urges Christians to Boycott ABC in response to controversial show.

Upcoming Sam Cintron Concert

Welcome to PS 102

Over six weeks in the spring of 2011, 400 mostly unskilled volunteers painted an 875 square foot, “Welcome” themed mural at PS 102 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Here is their story. For more…

Developing Christian Leaders

Produced in May 2010, this video documents the work Christian Union is doing on some of the nation’s most influential campuses to develop Christian leaders.