Fellowship of Christian Athletes Home Team Report

Thank you FCA for giving me a safe haven in my school where I can come and worship. Thank you for letting me grow stronger in Christ.” − John, a NJ high school student

Growing up in today’s society brings with it many challenging road bumps and potential struggles It is our desire as a ministry to come alongside students and equip them in their journey. Another school year is here and we at New Jersey FCA are providing a “safe haven” on middle school, high school, and college campuses in our area. We have the incredible opportunity to impact athletes and their coaches with the message of the Gospel! This school year, FCA has a presence on approximately 155 campuses in our state. This allows us to reach thousands of students and coaches.

FCA’s Campus Ministry has been in existence since 1966. Our ministry is initiated and led by student-athletes and sponsors on junior high, high school, and college campuses. With each passing year, we face new challenges in gaining access to campuses, but it hasn’t dampened our enthusiasm. Our priority is still to share the Gospel of Jesus and to empower student-athletes and coaches to impact and influence their campus for Christ. And we are seeing that happening. God is mightily moving in New Jersey FCA.

Here are two upcoming events:

THE FCA SUPER BOWL BREAKFAST will be held Saturday, Feb. 1, 8:30 a.m., at the Ocean Place Conference Center in Long Branch, NJ. The featured speaker will be William Green, a first-round draft pick by the Cleveland Browns in 2002. Come and hear William’s riveting life story.

THE FCA CELEBRATION DINNER will be held April 5 at the Ocean Place Conference Center, featuring former New York Giants’ head coach Dan Reeves, who played and coached in a record nine Super Bowls.

Written by Harry Flaherty, State Director of FCA. 

For more information about starting an FCA Huddle Group or FCA events, visit www.fca.org or call (732) 219-5797; email: hflaherty@fca.org.



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