Global Business Owner Group Launches in New Jersey

The Fellowship of Companies for Christ International has launched in New Jersey. The organization is open to entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, presidents, and partners who have an interest in Christian, faith-based business practices.

The FCCI New Jersey team is led by two co-chairs. Long-time FCCI member Joyce Avedisian-Riedinger of Bedminster has worked as an organization effectiveness consultant with Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies in the US and Europe for over 30 years. Her expertise is in the areas of value-based leadership, managing complex change, building high performance cultures, and leveraging knowledge. She holds a Ph.D. in Organization Behavior, and is currently working on a diploma in Christian Studies with a marketplace ministry focus. Joseph Hickman of Somerset, a newcomer to FCCI, is an ordained minister and seasoned business leader with over 35 years of experience in business development, change management, and transformational leadership at Fortune 500 companies and non-profits. He has taught teams how to align and focus to produce outstanding results. Joseph is currently working on exporting organic food to selected markets.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, FCCI is a global peer-to-peer ministry for Christian business leaders with members and groups in over 40 nations. The ministry is growing in the Northeast; in 2012, FCCI launched in New York City. For details, please call toll-free (800) JOY-9075 or visit and



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