Bathroom Policy Defies Common Sense, Biblical Truths

Len Deo, president of the New Jersey Family Policy Council

Len Deo, president of the New Jersey Family Policy Council, said education administrators have “crossed a lot of lines” in regards to the controversial transgender bathroom policies recently enacted by some school districts in the Garden State.

This spring, in a case that drew substantial media coverage, the Pascack Valley Board of Education approved a policy that would allow transgender students to use restrooms and locker rooms and to participate in gym class and sports based on their gender identity, according to Four other North Jersey school districts have also implemented similar policies.

“This is for the three-tenths of a percent of people who self-identify as transgender,” Deo said. “To take the 99.7 percent of our student population and expose them to people of the opposite sex is discriminatory against them.”

The New Jersey Family Policy Council is doing its part to educate pastors and concerned citizens about the policy and legal developments in Trenton.

“We’re trying to foster something that’s very hard to find nowadays,” Deo said. “It’s called commons sense.”

Proponents of the transgender policy said it is necessary and not having one infringes on transgender students’ rights. Opponents, which include representatives from Liberty Counsel, a Christian legal aid group, said that the policy transgresses the rights of the majority. Liberty Counsel is considering a suit against the Pascack Valley district.

Rev. Thomas Keinath, senior pastor of Calvary Temple International Assembly, said such a policy also violates biblical principles.

“The Bible is clear that God has biologically created only two sexes: male and female (Gen. 5:2). No other allowance for a perceived third sex or transsexual identity or practice is affirmed,” Keinath said.

In March, the American College of Pediatrics published an article that explained how biology is an inherent binary trait.

“Human sexuality is binary by design, with the obvious purpose being the reproduction and flourishing of the species,” the article states. It also noted that “a person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking.”

Healthy children of one biological gender who believe they are the opposite sex could potentially suffer from gender dysphonia, a recognized mental disorder.

“Transgenderism is a mental illness,” said Greg Quinlan, president of The Center for Garden State Families. “What we are doing by enabling this behavior is enabling the very person we are claiming to be helping.”

The mission of Garden State Families “to protect and promote faith, freedom and the natural family, in culture and public policy, as held by the traditional Christian worldview.”

At the Pascack Valley Board of Education meeting, Quinlan was escorted out after shouting from the audience.

A former homosexual, Quinlan says that just because someone self-identifies as a woman or a man doesn’t mean that the person becomes that gender and has a right to use another bathroom or locker room.

“You can’t change your chromosomal makeup,” he said. “You still remain what you were at birth.”

In May, the federal government entered the debate in response to a North Carolina law that did not make provision for transgender people and their choice of restrooms. The U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Education sent letters to every public school district in the country. The letters provide guidelines on how transgender students should be accommodated. Non-compliant districts could lose federal funds.

“A school may not segregate or otherwise distinguish students on the basis of their sex, including gender identity, in any school activities or the application of any school rule,” the letter says.

Schools must also accommodate transgender students in athletics, single-sex classes, housing, and extra-curricular activities, not just bathrooms or locker rooms, the guidelines stipulate.

“The acceleration of the acceptance and broadening of every sort of sexual aberration in America in recent years is clear indication that our nation is under strong demonic delusion and in a moral free-fall,” Keinath said. “As did the Roman Empire of old, America as we know it is in the process of implosion, destruction from the inside out. Only the revival of the Church and the resultant awakening of the nation will reverse this coming devastation and God’s judgment.”

Keinath said that Christians must continue to follow Christ’s example of loving and praying for those living such lifestyles. The battle is not against the people, he said.

“It is rather against those movements and politics which foster depravity for the purposes of political gain and ideological power,” Keinath said.

-written by Daniel Hubbard

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