The Gate Begins Streaming World-Wide

George Flores of The Gate

What was once a storage room full of tangled wires and broken instruments in the basement of the International House of Prayer: Eastern Gate is now a functional radio station streaming praise and worship internationally through the Internet.

The Gate, based in Cranford, New Jersey, officially began streaming through the Web all day and night starting April 2016. The Internet radio station is available through the Eastern Gate’s website (, or as a free app through the Apple and Android app stores. While there is constant streaming throughout the week, George Flores,­­ the main operator of the station, hosts live programs on weekdays from  11 a.m.-1 p.m.

The Gate is intended for all generations, but Flores said he hopes to especially make an impact on young adults between the ages of 16-28, specifically those who have not completely developed their worldview and religious views.

“The Gate is intending to teach and influence spiritually that age range, because they are the ones making life decisions,” he said. “But I am also inclusive of senior saints, and that is reflected by tried and true songs for Christ that they may recall.”

Additionally, Flores hopes that the station will provide a place for those who do not have a home church to acquire teaching and worship regardless of their country.

With these goals in mind, Flores, a longtime fixture on Christian radio stations in Metro New York, collected a wide range of music styles for The Gate, even those not typically addressed by commercial radio. Some of these artists include those for the older generation, such as Bill Gaither, and some for the younger generations, such as Hillsong, Bethel, and artists from the International House of Prayer, based in Kansas City, Missouri.

“The intent is to blend the old anointed songs with the current anointed songs and not be so much about genre in music type as to be about the thematic content of the songs,” Flores said.

Rev. Gary DePasquale, director of the Eastern Gate, said this musical range is to ensure that listeners are not hearing the same songs over the course of the day; the goal is to provide new music that encompasses the same values and brings unity within the Body of Christ.

Besides music, Flores plans to incorporate other content into his radio programming. He is planning to feature teachings from other staff members at the Eastern Gate or incorporating five minute segments of Scripture readings, without commentary, throughout the day. He hopes to begin short interviews with people from other ministries to give listeners exposure to other believers around the world.

Hans Kim, director of the media department at Eastern Gate, has been involved in the development of the apps and is working on podcasts and some music videos.

Rev. DePasquale also plans to use the station as a way to connect Houses of Prayer throughout the country. He hopes that they will all be able to connect through The Gate, and that the station will become a center of encouragement.

Statistics from The Gate show that within the U.S., the majority of its audience comes from New York and New Jersey. Internationally, Flores expects India, China, and Brazil to be top listeners as these countries mostly receive Christian connections through the Internet.

The development of The Gate began in November 2014 when George Flores left his job at Star 99.1 after working there for seven years.  He had worked in radio broadcasting for over 40 years, but at this time in his life, he believed the Lord had another purpose. Subsequently, he asked Rev. DePasquale to pray with him for opportunities. After some time, Rev. DePasquale called Flores asking him about the possibility of an Internet radio station based within the Eastern Gate. Flores considered the offer, but he did not accept it for another year. Flores became an intern at the Eastern Gate for six months before joining as full-time staff in June 2015.

Since joining the staff, he has put most of his time and effort into developing and building The Gate. This included finding sponsors, gathering technical equipment, planning content, and looking for help. While Flores is the main operator, other staff members volunteer their time throughout the week to help with smaller technical tasks.

“We want to get out worship in the form of music to the nations via the internet and for there to be expressions of prayer,” said Rev. DePasquale.

-written by Tejal Sarbaugh

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