The King’s College Hosts NYC Theater Experience for Students

Elizabeth Davis, a Tony Award nominated actor, is the Acting Instructor at the NYC Theater Institute hosted by The King's College.

A creative partnership between The King’s College and Firebone Theatre will give talented college students from all over the country an opportunity to experience and participate in the New York City theater industry.

The NYC Summer Theater Institute, held in June, is a four-week intensive training experience for budding actors and playwrights, directors and producers, theater managers, and documentary filmmakers. Students who meet application requirements will learn from theater professionals while living in the city whose name is synonymous with Broadway.

Award-winning working professionals from New York will teach classes and seminars. In addition, participants will have opportunities to see quality productions and rehearse their own creations in workshops guided by professionals. The Institute will conclude with performances of student work at the Firebone Theatre Summer Theater Festival.

Chris Cragin Day, a playwright and assistant professor of writing and theater at The King’s College, will direct the Institute. Cragin Day’s plays have been performed in Manhattan and in numerous other cities, and her work has been recognized by the Public Theater, the O’Neill Theater Center, and others.

“If you really want to be a part of the professional theater community, you have to come to New York City at some point,” Cragin Day said. But beginning a life in the Big Apple can be daunting. “Most people come to New York and have no idea where to start,” she continued. “Once you learn it, it’s no big deal, but learning the city is a huge mountain to climb.”

The Summer Theater Institute offers a leg up on that mountain. And, it offers an introduction to people who have taken the same path. These career connections will serve young artists well.

As an institution, The King’s College is committed to the truths of Christianity and a Biblical worldview. Students of faith who participate in the Summer Theater Institute will have a unique opportunity to meet others like them – artists and Christians who are pursuing a sacred calling from God in the theater industry, Cragin Day added.

The King’s College prepares students for leadership in our nation’s cultural institutions, and that focus is reflected in the goals of the Summer Theater Institute.

The NYC theater community has an influential role in shaping society. “They play a mediating role in culture, and possess a tremendous influence in shaping people’s perceptions of who we are and how we should live,” said Dr. Gregory Alan Thornbury, president of The King’s College.

King’s, positioned just off Broadway in lower Manhattan, has a lot to offer students studying theater in other places who may want to try a summer in New York.

“We want The King’s College to help provide a platform for people of faith to express their relationship and understanding of God through the arts,” Thornbury continued. “But the only way truly to hone one’s skills is by surrounding yourself with the best – people with experience working at the highest level of their profession. And when it comes to theater, those people are in New York City, the home of Broadway and the greatest performers in the world.”

Working with King’s to create the Summer Theater Institute made sense for Firebone Theatre, said Joshua Alan, Firebone’s Artistic Director.

“Firebone seeks to perform and tell stories that have themes of redemption, forgiveness and hope,” he said. And, Firebone is committed to service, education, and young people. The Summer Institute was born out of a desire to offer the most valuable experience possible to college students in New York City, Alan said.

With a focused curriculum in the liberal arts tradition, The King’s College prepares students to help shape, and eventually to lead, the institutions of government, civil society, media, law, business, education, the arts and the church. To learn more about the Summer Theater Institute visit

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