Joysongs 2016 Conference & the Power of Worship

Editor’s note: The following column is written by Donnie Rosa, the director of the Joysongs worship ministry. The Joysongs 2016 Conference – “Breakthrough” – will be held October 7-9 . The conference features Jonathan Lee, Clay Bogan, Marlinda Ireland, Doug Gould, Sheri Gould, and Aimee Sych. To register or for more conference information, visit

What is the simplest but most profound way I can describe the role of a worship leader? As a worship leader for many years, my goal is to take the hand of the people, put it in the hand of God, and then humbly step out of the way.

I’ve spent years studying and teaching worship at the college level, with classes such as “David’s Tabernacle,” “Applied Worship,” “Dynamics of Worship,” and “The Song of the Lord.”  The greatest need in worship today is for people to have a genuine, authentic and real encounter with God. This is where we truly meet God, where our lives are eternally changed. This is the place where our hearts are imprinted with His wonderful love and grace. Once we experience this place of worship, the cares and concerns of this world begin to fade and are replaced by the fullness of joy that He promises us in Psalm 16:11, “You show me the path of life, in Your Presence is fullness of joy, at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore.”

Striving to achieve that place of authentic worship and setting a standard of excellence can be a daunting task. We must consider musicianship, technical proficiency, sound reinforcement, and the art and craft of writing songs that are relevant in style and lyric while remaining biblical. Remember, we are competing with an excellence in secular music that has the attention of this generation. To offer them something that is not up to the level of quality to which they are accustomed can cause them to disengage and not hear the message carried by the lyrics of the songs. Therefore, our goal of leading them into an authentic encounter with God and our mission of introducing them to the presence of God falls short.

Joysongs is a ministry that exists to educate, equip and empower the local church. Joysongs was birthed 17 years ago out of a group of passionate worshipers from Abundant Life Worship Center, a local church in Whippany, New Jersey.  We have since expanded into a ministry that is consumed with unleashing the power of worship in the local church. Additionally, I have been leading worship, developing worship teams, consulting churches in live sound reinforcement, and teaching on many practical principles of worship for over 20 years.

Pastors and worship leaders, how often have you sensed the presence of God moving in worship in such a special, intimate and passionate way, only to be derailed by the screeching, harsh, shrilling sound of feedback through the sound system? I truly believe that the Lord is looking for us to be diligent and pay attention to detail in our preparation of worship. Some may feel that that is not “spiritual,” but quite the contrary. In David’s Tabernacle and in Solomon’s Temple, it was only after the structure and the discipline was in place that the glory and the presence of God appeared.

Joysongs exists to address a lot of the issues that we have discussed. Joysongs is a source of training, consulting, and encouragement to local churches. Worship leaders, pastors and sound engineers, in particular, benefit through our annual Joysongs’ conferences that are held every October. Our conferences include equipment evaluation and recommendation, and training musicians to play better as a band.

As our vision states, Joysongs is dedicated to “unleashing the power of worship and advancing the local church.”


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